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Sophie Gallo Design | Hello
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I'm Sophie

A bayou-based craft and design junkie

I’m a New Orleans local and native, an admitted tv and movie addict, a dog nut and passionate advocate for anything brunch related. I specialize in creating FUN, EASY CRAFTS for DIGITAL CUTTING MACHINES and software, but I also specialize in MOTION GRAPHICS and basic GRAPHIC DESIGN.

Check these out!

Bunny Tshirt - Sophie Gallo Design
Monogram Ornament - Sophie Gallo Design
Plant Cutout with Monogram - Sophie Gallo Design
Love Home - Sophie Gallo Design
Kiss the Cook - Sophie Gallo Design
Be Grateful - Sophie Gallo Design
Heart arrow Pillow - Sophie Gallo Design
Anchor Onesie - Sophie Gallo Design
Monogram Dish - Sophie Gallo Design
Deer Print - Sophie Gallo Design
Makeup Bags - Sophie Gallo Design
Teepees - Sophie Gallo Design
Easy as 1-2-3 Gif - Sophie Gallo Design
Baseball Cookie Cutter - Sophie Gallo Design
Texas Rose Pillow - Sophie Gallo Design
World's Okayest Mom wine tumbler - Sophie Gallo Design
NSEW Sign - Sophie Gallo Design
Bride Tanks - Sophie Gallo Design
Witch Sign - Sophie Gallo Design
Plant Lady - Sophie Gallo Design

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My Story

How I got here

I have been drawing and creating things since before I can remember, before I even consciously knew that I was creating “art”. There was just that constant pull, that desire to draw what I saw, what I wanted to see, to document life and make something tangible with my hands.

Somehow I was lucky enough to be able to follow my dreams into art school, when I went to Ringling School of Art & Design (Circus School as I lovingly refer to it), and discovered the world of graphic design. Everything instantly fell into place and my focus immediately became how to grasp the concept of graphic design in not only a way that makes me successful but also in a way that I enjoy.

Since then I took a brief (8 year) detour in Texas where I worked as a artist on Disney films and other projects, learned to apply my design skills into motion to become an After Effects artist where I worked with clients like HP, Dairy Queen, Neiman Marcus, edited a few music videos and created so many local commercials I can’t even count. I had a short job as an editor in Austin and realized that I needed more hands on experience and was afraid of going in the wrong direction. I loved graphic design, but didn’t want to turn that passion into something I dreaded. So I took a screen printing class and my entire life changed. I became obsessed with pattern making, stencils, stamping, and lettering. When I got a Silhouette machine for Christmas, the rest was history. I became an artist in 2011 and have become a total Silhouette machine addict.

In 2012 I created my LLC, Sophie Gallo Design as a pipe dream, and now that tiny dream has blossomed into my full time job. I still work for Silhouette as an artist and have been able to create work for local clients like Copelands, Audubon Park, and many more.


Frida Kahlo Quote - Sophie Gallo Design Screenprinting - Sophie Gallo Design
Background Design

Arguing with
inanimate objects

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The Bachelor Quote - Sophie Gallo Design

Check out my motion reel

Selected National Clients

  • Hewlett Packard
  • Gatorade
  • Disney
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Dairy Queen
  • HEB
  • AT&T
  • Boston’s Restaurant
  • Dell
  • Hyundai
  • Comcast
  • Fraggle Rock

New Orleans-based Clients

  • Aucoin Heart
  • Copeland’s
  • Crescent City Classic
  • The Aquarium of the Americas
  • Morris Bart
  • Smoothie King

“Legend has it she’s been 28 for over
10 years” – local barfly

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Awards & Accolades

"She knows a crazy amount of Simpsons quotes,
I guess that’s cool" – Uber Driver

Telly Awards - Sophie Gallo Design

2013 Bronze Award GenoVive: “Black Dress”

March 2013 Telly Awards

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Telly Awards - Sophie Gallo Design

2013 Bronze Award: Jazz Fest: 2012

March 2013 Telly Awards

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Telly Awards - Sophie Gallo Design

2013 Silver Award UNO “Hoops”

March 2013 Telly Awards

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Sophie Gallo

2012 ADDY’s Advertising Person of the Year

December 2012 The Advertising Club of New Orleans

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Sunkist Quote - Sophie Gallo Design
Telly Awards

In my non-designing time, I am usually:

  • Practicing my Office quotes
  • Tending to my giant succulent collection
  • Never missing Taco Tuesday
  • Drinking wine with my amazing mom and/or friends
  • Painting / Crafting / Creating something new


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Contact Sophie

Sophie’s Pro Tips for Life

  • always buy extra mulch
  • never assume the acid is “too old to work”
  • if he uses the winky emoji… RUN!
  • always live life like you’re commenting on an unmoderated Reddit sub